Instant dental implants for tooth loss!

Tooth loss due to an accident or even due to poor oral hygiene can lead to some very serious problems –

*             Problems in speaking  due to the gap created by one or more missing teeth

*                             Difficulty in chewing which leads to bad nutrition and bad health .

*                             Face begins to look older as missing teeth can cause sagging of muscles , sinking of cheeks.

*                             Tooth decay and gum disease, over time, due to plaque accumulation & food entrapment in the gap caused by the missing teeth

* Sometimes there is pain in the facial muscles or the jaws due to improper bite due to the missing tooth!

*                             Hiding smile during conversations or at public gatherings to avoid the embarrassment caused by a bad smile from missing teeth!               All these can be overcome by Dental Implants at Partha and that too in a one day Procedure!

Dental Implants are now the most popular solution for replacement of missing teeth.

Dental implants can be used for every individual having missing teeth irrespective of their age and gender. To know if anyone can get dental implants visit Partha Clinic near you !

We have a 100% success rate with implants  and we also give extensive guidance to our  patients about the teeth and gum’s overall well-being .

Dental Implants are essentially a ‘titanium screw’ which is fused with the Jaw Bone and feels and behaves just like a natural tooth and is equally strong !

Dental implants are easy , natural looking , having great chewing ability and can be fixed in one day!

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