Post Diwali tooth care – festivities and sugar can damage your kids teeth!

The Diwali festival is over and kids and adults have had more than their usual share of sweets and candies . Post Diwali , usually there is a spike in dental problems around whole of India and most affected are children !

With the fun and frolics and late night parties ,parents often forget to monitor tooth brushing and flossing and that leads to dental decay . Moreover , eating sugar filled sweets and candies too can cause extensive damage !

To safeguard against a post Diwali dental decay , ensure the following things –

* Your children should brush their teeth two or three times a day with a fluoride toothpaste specially after eating sweets or any sugary drink .

* Each brushing should last for a minimum of 2 minutes.

* Make sure they reach the back of the mouth with their brush and remove any lodged food particles.

* Your children, if they are older than 10 years need to floss once per day; children under 10 years may avoid flossing.

* Make sure they also clean their tongues that helps to  removes bacteria that can cause bad breath and smell their breath afterwards to see if they have cleaned it well.

* Avoid sticky foods like chips, cheese and candies that are very sticky.

* Lastly, do not forget brushing before sleeping as it removes the bacteria that causes cavities, otherwise it can play on the teeth for the full night and cause extensive damage.

Well, brushing and flossing are only half the issue , the other half is keep check on the sweets !

Watch Those Sweets

Kids just love to eat sweet things and candies and can munch on them the whole day, if not stopped as sugar gives a “rush” to their tiny brains and makes them feel happy!!!!

Sugar can harm their teeth and gums. Sugar enables harmful bacteria to thrive in your child’s mouth. So, to prevent any damage, make sure that they –

* They eat a healthy breakfast. Feed your children dalia, oatmeal , cornflakes, parantha etc, along with a serving of any fruit for breakfast and stay away from sugary cereals.

* Limit how often they eat sweets. It’s less harmful to a child’s teeth if he or she eats sweets once or twice a day rather than to eat sweets continuously.

* Teach them to brush everytime after eating sweets.

* Watch the snacks. Don’t just give your kids snacks during the day as a matter of course; they’ll let you know when they’re hungry. Provide healthy snacks, such as fruits, cut carrots, muskmelon, mangoes, guavas etc but not laddus or cake .

* Another big culprit is sweet drinks and sodas. Watch the sugary beverages. Limit the amount of coke, pepsi and other sweetened , packaged juices your child drinks. Suggest your child drink water after exercise. During meals, go with  butter milk instead of carbonated, sugary drinks like Coke , Pepsi etc . Even bottled fruit juices are high on sugar and can ruin the teeth enamel .

So post Diwali don’t just clean your house of stale Diya’s and left over sweets ,ensure your little ones sparkling smile remains intact too!

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