Root Canal Treatment

Do you have a lot of questions about root canal and its treatment? Don’t worry, this article gives clear and simple answers for everything you need to know about root canal and root canal treatments.

What is a root canal?

‘Root canal’ is the term used to describe the thin canals within the root of the tooth.The pulp or pulp chamber is the soft area within the center of the tooth. The tooth’s nerve lies within the root canal.

What is root canal treatment

What is root canal treatment

What is a root canal treatment?

When an injury or a large cavity damages the tooth, the root becomes infected or inflamed. Root canal treatment is the process of removing the inflamed, decayed, diseased and infected root/pulp.

What are the signs and symptoms of root canal?

You know you have problem with your tooth when you experience the following;

–  sensitivity when biting or pressing on the tooth.

–  sensitivity to hot or cold, especially if it is prolonged.

–  Swelling ranging from pimple size to a swollen face

NOTE: – some teeth requiring root canal treatment have no signs or symptoms.

Why is root canal treatment important?

Root canal treatment is important because, it is the best way to save your tooth from getting extracted.

It is necessary to prevent Deep tooth decay and Traumatic dental injury. Avoiding root canal treatment can cause extraction of the tooth.

Why to save a tooth? Why to prevent extraction of the tooth?

Majority of the population opt for extraction because of the pain, but it is not the solution.

Painkillers can take away the pain only for some time, but they can’t take away the cause, we must fight the cause. Also, extraction can cause drifting of adjacent tooth and it is a long and expensive procedure.

So, it is better to get your root canal treatment and save your tooth.

How is a root canal done?

During root canal procedure, an endodontist (who specializes in treating root canal )carefully removes the pus inside the tooth, cleans, disinfects and shapes the root canals and places a filling to seal the space.

  • The dentist numbs the tooth. An opening is made through the crown of the tooth to the pulp chamber
  • Special files are used to clean the infection and unhealthy pulp out of the canals.
  • Then the endodontist shapes the canals for the filling material. Irrigation is used to help clean the canals and remove debris.
  • the canals are filled with permanent material.

Is root canal treatment painful?

No, root canal treatment is one of the least painful treatment in dentistry. Pain during root canal treatment is minimal when done with advanced technology equipment which we use at Partha Dental Clinics.

How much is the cost of a root canal treatment?

Root canal cost in India varies between region and states. At Partha Dental Clinics we provide affordable treatment in a world class facility at a clinic near you.

How successful are root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is highly successful; this treatment has more than 95% success rate. With root canal therapy your teeth will be as healthy as it was earlier.

Are the results of root canal procedure permanent?

Many teeth fixed with a root canal treatment can last a lifetime.

Is there anything to be taken care of after a root canal procedure?

Patients who follow the do’s and don’ts as advised by the dentist tend to heal faster and have much better outcomes.


  • chew hard or crunchy food
  • brush aggressively
  • skip follow up appointments


  • eat soft foods
  • get crown placed

A root canal removes the interior portion of your tooth, making the structure weak. In some case a crown or ‘cap’ is used to protect the tooth and prevent damage. Crowns are usually placed in a second procedure, once your teeth and mouth have a chance to heal.

  • If prescribed by your dentist take pain killers to manage discomfort and reduce inflammation.

Hope most of your questions are answered. If you require more information do not hesitate to ask us (you can chat, call or contact us).

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