Why are dental implants necessary?

Dental implants are a common and technologically advanced remedy for tooth loss. There are numerous reasons for tooth loss, including

  • lack of/ poor oral hygiene,
  • tartar buildup,
  • tooth decay,
  • complaints in gums
  • accidents etc.

Which are generally some of the top reasons for losing teeth!

Dental implants correspond to a natural tooth but are an artificial tooth root made of titanium ! The root which placed in your jawbone that creates a endless, strong foundation and structure for a new artificial tooth.

An implant differs from other tooth relief options because it not only replaces the tooth but the root as well.

When you lose a tooth and you don’t replace it, there will be a domino effect of changes as a result. One space shift in teeth will turn into another and another, and this will change the whole placement of your teeth and mouth.

There will be shifts in your bite that can lead to problems with your dental occlusion (the way your teeth come together) and this can beget numerous problems that affect your life further than just inside your mouth.

It can change the way you look and also give you a “sunken cheek “ old look!

When are dental implants necessary?

Dental implants are necessary when you have missing teeth, but either cannot or don’t want to get dentures, islands or crowns.

It’s important to replace a lost tooth, as the consequences of removing/ losing a tooth and doing nothing can grow into a much larger problem as time goes on.

Dental implants have numerous aesthetic benefits, still, they also play an important part in the overall function of your mouth.

Dental implants support a healthy bite, keeping each tooth duly in place while supporting a healthy jawbone and precluding bone deterioration.

When a tooth is lost or pulled and not replaced, the jawbone can deteriorate or change shape over time.

This happens because what preserves the jawbone in the first place is the pressure and encouragement of chewing.

Dental implants may also feel necessary for the visual aspect. You may feel tone-conscious about how your smile looks and feels, and dental implants can help with that. Your tone- regard and tone- confidence are important, and being suitable to eat comfortably (especially at social gatherings), smile and laugh without pain, solicitude or holding back is important and will have a great impact on your life as a whole.

Some well known Benefits of dental implants

  1. Dental implants have several benefits. As mentioned over, they can really help with your overall tone- regard and also act as your natural tooth/ teeth would.
  2. They look and feel like your real teeth, can boost your confidence, are durable, accessible and help support your overall oral health.
  3. They also help in supporting your speech, comfort, and your chewing capacities.
  4. With dental implants, you don’t have to remove them and you can brush, drink , eat and even sleep with your dental implant teeth unlike dentures !

Still, make sure to visit our website www.parthadental.com for more information! If you suppose a dental implant may be applicable for you then go to Partha Dental and find out if an implant is required or not ?

We can help you decide if a dental implant is necessary and eventually come up with the right treatment plan just for you.

Do it once and forget it! It’s the end of your teeth problems!

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